Workforce Management Visualized with Dashboards

When it comes to workforce management (WFM), seeing is not only believing, it’s the fastest and easiest way to track status, progress, and real-time activity at a call center. Dashboards provide that visual display of call center data, providing insight into every key WFM process. Call center management rely on dashboards to improve efficiencies.

Workforce Management Dashboards - Monet Software
Workforce Management Dashboards

Forecasting How accurate have your forecasting efforts proved? Both daily and long-term forecasts can be checked quickly through tables and charts on forecasting dashboards.  [more] Scheduling Review past call volumes to create tomorrow’s schedule. Find out who’s in, who’s on break and who’s on vacation. Accurate scheduling plays a vital role in meeting call center targets in performance and quality of service. Adherence Adherence alerts on the call center dashboard identify instances where scheduled activities vary from the current call center status. Metrics Besides forecasting, scheduling and adherence, other key WFM metrics that can be reviewed via dashboard include service levels, answer and abandon times, average handle times, average speed of answer, average talk time, and labor costs/staffing. Of course, a workforce management solution will generate detailed reports on these topics and more, which will be invaluable in future planning. But dashboards provide an instant snapshot of what is happening at that very moment. There is no substitute for a clear visual display of configurable metrics to help manage the floor activity of the call center. For more visuals and videos about workforce management, please visit our demo center on our main website.