Workforce Management – to Update or Upgrade?

February 5, 2014- By Susan J. CampbellWorkforce Management Contributing Editor

No one gets excited at the idea of a rip and replace solution and in a number of situations, the fact that you don’t have to is a constant value proposition for cloud computing. If the workforce management solution you purchased years ago produced the desired results, it’s likely falling short today. Should you apply the latest update or is it time for a complete replacement? A recent blog from Monet Software helps you make the decision.

There are really five things you need to consider in order to make the best decision. First, consider the cost. What are you paying on an annual basis to maintain, upgrade and operate your current workforce management solution? Do you have to support an additional IT professional just to maintain this element of your network? Pull all the numbers together and compare this figure against the usage cost associated with a cloud-based solution.

Second, what capabilities do you need? If it’s been quite a while since you deployed your workforce management solution, you’re likely missing out on key capabilities. Even if you religiously update the in-house system, there are some things you just can’t do without cloud computing. How would these features enhance your operation and lead to a healthier bottom line?

Third, how does integration work across your network when it comes to workforce management? Do you have disparate systems that require duplicate data entry? Are you losing key information because your workforce management doesn’t sync well with your scheduling tool or other contact center software? If all moving parts within the organization aren’t working together, you’re likely loosing information and wasting time.

Fourth, is your solution flexible to meet the changing needs of your organization? How easily can you account for exceptions? How well can you track current data to build a solid history? Can agents easily access their schedule and request changes? Can you configure the platform according to forecasted volumes and agent availability? If your answer to any of these questions is a no, it may be time to consider a new solution.

Finally, are you struggling to achieve your customer service initiatives? Are you finding that new programs put in place fall short? If your workforce management solution is out of date, your agents are at a disadvantage and your metrics will continue to fall short. Customers won’t know what technology you have in place, but they can tell the difference when dealing with an out-of-date shop.

If you’re finding that any of these elements hit a little close to home, it’s time to take a look at the solutions provided by Monet Software. The company’s cloud-based solutions bring the latest offerings to the contact center, enabling you to leverage the latest technology to achieve your performance and customer service goals. Plus, you can do so while paying for only what you use. If it’s time to evaluate a new solution, it’s time to call Monet.