Workforce Management: Salesforce Omnichannel Forecasting Tool for the Helpdesk

Accurate forecasting, scheduling and staffing for a helpdesk can be a difficult challenge.

An effective workforce management solution is the key to helping a helpdesk run smoothly and efficiently, so cases get closed as quickly as possible with a positive outcome.

Forecasting, scheduling and assigning activities more effectively can optimize case resolution. WFM makes this possible. Managers can match available resources to the specific requirements of each case. By integrating workforce optimization in the WFM solution, case and activity assignment is further optimized, and managers will always be confident that their resources are being allocated in the best way possible.

Best of all, the data is available in real-time, so managers will always have insight into case handling and activity assignments as they occur. And it’s always easy to make adjustments as needed, whether that involves adding or reassigning agents to improve turnaround time.

A helpdesk is there to take on the tougher challenges. With a workforce management system in place that integrates with Salesforce and supports helpdesks with accurate forecasts, even the most difficult cases can be resolved efficiently, something your customers will appreciate.

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