Workforce Management: It Really Works!

While the economy is steadily improving according to most measurements, many companies are still taking a very cautious approach when it comes to new investments, including workforce management (WFM) software.

However, making the case for a WFM purchase should not be difficult given the inherent benefits derived from its installation, not the least of which is a net cost saving within months, and a boost in efficiency that will also have a positive impact on the yearly budget.

Persuading senior management to change “business-as-usual” contact center systems can be a difficult undertaking. We’ve created a eBook to help workforce managers and contact center managers present a convincing business case for WFM. It has been formatted to anticipate the most common objections to WFM implementation, and provide responses to address them.

The eBook, The Benefits of Workforce Management Explained To My Boss, anticipates these objections to WFM adoption:

  1. What we’re using now (spreadsheets) is good enough
  2. WFM costs too much
  3. A change this big in how we do business can be hazardous

As detailed in the eBook, such sentiments are easily refuted.

The first assertion about spreadsheets should be countered with the many ways in which they limit a contact center’s ability to manage a workforce. This encompasses challenges in forecasting and scheduling, adherence and schedule management, shrinkage and exception handling, among other vital actions.

Concerns over the cost of WFM may not take into account how a cloud-based workforce management solution provides the highest ROI and savings of any WFM strategy due to its low upfront investment and low operating costs.

There are also additional value drivers of WFM software compared to the manual/spreadsheet approach, including the reduction of staffing costs, labor costs, and shrinkage.

And while change can be intimidating, there comes the point when inaction can be more costly than a beneficial investment. And when it comes to the use of spreadsheets vs. workforce management software, that time has come.

These arguments are described in more detail in the eBook, which also includes advice on how to prepare your presentation to convince your boss.

Read The Benefits of Workforce Management Explained To My Boss

When you’ve convincingly made your case for WFM, which solution should you choose? Take a free online demo of Monet Workforce Management and discover all the benefits it has to offer.

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