Verint Monet Workforce Management for Salesforce

Omnichannel Scheduling and Forecasting Solution for Contact Centers & Help Desks Using Salesforc

Verint Monet Workforce Management for Salesforce is a call center forecasting and scheduling software designed for contact centers and help desks using Salesforce. Verint Monet WFM for Salesforce integrates seamlessly with Salesforce Service Cloud or Sales Cloud case management systems to provide an advanced omnichannel WFM solution directly from Salesforce. Agents no longer need to leave Salesforce to access essential WFM information such as schedules, adherence status, performance status, personal time-off requests, and real-time alerts. The unified platform experience improves efficiency by giving agents greater visibility and empowerment.

Help desks using Salesforce must manage a substantial number of cases, so it’s critical to always have the right number of agents at the right time, engaged in the right task. However, even with accurate schedules in place, help desks usually operate in the dark with limited visibility into general activity, leaving managers uncertain whether adherence levels are being met and cases are being handled efficiently.

This is because most Workforce Management systems are integrated only to the ACD, not to the Salesforce case management tool.

Verint Monet Workforce Management for Salesforce fills this gap by integrating to the Salesforce case management system, so that help desks can create accurate forecasts and schedules.

Scalable Workforce Management Features to Meet You CX Goals

Omnichannel & Case Load Forecasting
Optimized Agent Scheduling
Real-Time Adherence
Performance Management

Create and build accurate forecasts to calculate a precise plan for future caseloads, agent requirements, and average handle time for any time interval of the day.

Verint Monet’s advanced scheduling engine incorporates all forecasted casework, voice channels, and other activities to generate staffing schedules that optimize a wide range of factors.

Compare planned agent activity to actual activities throughout the day. Quickly review the current scheduled activity, the actual agent status, and the duration of that status.

Easily report and analyze all agent activities including their schedule adherence and key performance indicators. Managers can review service level results, handle times, and other KPIs.

Benefits for the Contact Center and Help Desk

Maximize Customer Experience

Provide Ability to Track Schedule Adherence

Prevent Over/Under Staffing

Enhance Agent Satisfaction

Produce More Accurate Forecasts and Schedules

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