Workforce Management + Call Recording + Quality Management

We are very excited to announce the availability of Monet Record and Monet Quality, expanding our Workforce Management (WFM) offering to a unified Workforce Optimization (WFO) suite. Now, call centers can easily and efficiently automate workforce management, call recording, quality management with one affordable solution. Here is a quick overview of the new solution components:Monet Record – Call Recording for Compliance & Quality AssuranceMonet Record provides an easy and affordable web-based solution to record, archive and retrieve customer interactions to better monitor call quality and gain more business insights. Call centers can improve their customer service while ensuring adherence to regulations & policies and easier resolution of transaction disputes and other service related issues.Monet Quality – Call Center Quality Management to Boost Productivity and Service Quality Monet Quality is a flexible solution to evaluate the performance of contact center agents. It helps call centers improve agent effectiveness and optimize customer interactions through a range of capabilities, such as call assessment and playback, quality monitoring, call quality scoring, evaluation questionnaires and detailed reporting.For more information please see the press release on our website and our new call recording blog.