With Quality Monitoring, One Call = That’s All

We’ve written several blogs about the importance of first-call resolution (FCR). If there were a Mount Rushmore of KPIs, this one would make the cut, because a customer that has to call back a second time to get an issue resolved may not be a customer much longer.

What’s the solution to better FCR? We believe it is quality monitoring.

Once you’ve established the FCR level for your call center (obviously this will vary depending on the product or service utilized by your customers), set a goal for, say, improving that number by 5%.

Then, let the two-step quality monitoring process of call recording and call scoring take it from there 

Call Recording

Review recordings of successful calls where issues were resolved, and those that were not. The latter category will likely be divided into two sub-categories: calls where an FCR result was unlikely from the start, and those where it could have been achieved if not for one particular variable.

Call Scoring

Score calls based on agent performance in bringing the call to a successful conclusion. This will provide the raw data that illustrates each agent’s approach to achieving FCR, and where additional training can help to correct mistakes.

This approach does not mean that agents are always culpable when FCR suffers. They may be working from a script that doesn’t adequately address certain situations. There may be a company policy that requires calls be transferred, which can cause delays and customer frustration.

Whatever the cause, quality management will reveal it. Make changes as needed, give those changes time to work, and then reassess. An improved first-call resolution rate is just one of many benefits derived from this effort.