True Cloud Solution

Monet Workforce Optimization (WFO) is the first complete workforce optimization suite that was designed and built from the ground up as a multi-tenant SaaS cloud offering. While other vendors are migrating gradually from on-premise to cloud and/or have hybrid WFO solutions,  Monet is different as it offers scalable, reliable and secure cloud native solutions on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Comprehensive and Fully Integrated

Monet Software provides a complete cloud workforce optimization solution made of key contact center technologies that include Workforce Management to to forecast demand and optimize agent scheduling, Performance Management with out-of-the box KPIs and goal setting, Call and Agent Screen Recording and Quality Management to ensure you provide a superior customer service and  Speech Analytics for gaining vital insight from customer interactions and turning unstructured data into an actionable data.

All these technologies have been designed and engineered to work together. In addition, Monet WFO integrates seamlessly with various telephony systems, contact center platforms, and CRM systems to  capture, smooth, and fuse the data from multiple data sources and optimize omnichannel.

Rapid Deployment & Adoption

Because Monet is in the cloud, it requires minimal involvement from IT. There is no heavy upfront implementation, no need to test the software for compatibility with other programs or commit ongoing resources to test software updates and deploy them out to users.

Monet WFO is also sophisticatedly simple.  Our solutions have been designed and fine-tuned over the last 15 plus years by real call center users resulting in a logical and user friendly workflow which gives you a short learning curve and quick adoption.


Excellent Training & Support

Our support is second to none. Monet provides an assigned Implementation and Project Manager who are with you every step of the way. Additionally, you  have a dedicated Customer Success Manager to ensure ongoing success. Your success is our top priority.


“After having Monet, we can never go back.”

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“Our quality and service levels are averaging in the top 97% tier.“

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“We are already abandoning almost 2,000 less calls than a year ago.”

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