Why Live Call Monitoring is Important

Call recording software makes it possible to review agent performance by analyzing the call data. However, this practice does not eliminate the need for live call monitoring, or the benefits that can be derived from watching an agent “in action.” 

There are several methods call centers employ for live call monitoring. A manager may walk through the call center, listening to the agents’ responses and evaluating their performance. He or she could also sit next to one agent and listen to how they handle a call or a series of calls, and provide immediate feedback.

Live observing can also be achieved through call monitoring software. Here, a manager simply selects a group or agent from a live observing link, and the software should display any relevant information about the agent and the caller. Saving the call and adding a tag for easy retrieval can be done with one click. The software often also offer ways to alert supervisors of calls that might benefit from call monitoring. For example, when a call takes too long (out-of-adherence), the supervisor could see that on a dashboard or could get an alert to “tune in”.

The Benefits of Live Call Monitoring: 
Whatever method is selected, the benefits of live call monitoring are numerous: 

  • Better agent performance – attention to detail increases when an agent is aware he/she is being monitored.
  • Improved efficiency – when agents perform better at their jobs, the number of bad calls is reduced, and customer satisfaction increases.
  • Cost savings – many call center efficiencies can be expensive; when they are reduced, money is saved.
  • Best practices improvement – call monitoring can lead to improvement of scripts and processes, by reviewing agent performance and customer response.
  • Training – Call monitoring is vital in improving agent performance and eliminating errors.

While there may be some level of discomfort with some agents when live monitoring is practiced, once everyone adjusts to the system it should result in more qualified agents, satisfied customers and an efficient workplace.