Why Intra-Day Management is Essential

We’ve talked often in this blog about the importance of forecasting and scheduling. When these tasks are accomplished with efficiency and accuracy, made possible by a workforce management solution, it will have a positive impact on the day-to-day operations of a contact center.

But for truly consistent performance, forecasting and scheduling must also, always, be accompanied by another tool in the WFM toolbox – call center intraday management.

Even accurate forecasts calculated from accurate data will, in some cases, fall short as a result of unexpected fluctuations in call volumes, last-minute schedule changes from agents calling in sick, and any number of other variables.

Intraday management reduces the impact of surprises, by reallocating resources to deal with situations as they occur. It further reduces service peaks and valleys, delivering consistent performance that helps assure every customer is treated the way a company expects.

The Need for Speed

For call center intraday management to be effective, it has to be conducted in a way that allows managers and agents to react quickly to changing conditions.

With Verint Monet WFM, checking contact center status could not be easier. All agent activities are displayed on a single color-coded dashboard; green means you’re within adherence; red means something is wrong and it’s time to take action.

When changes need to be made, the graphical schedule generated by Verint Monet WFM allows managers to drag and drop breaks, lunches and other changes. The real-time updates provide an up-to-the-minute picture for agent surpluses and shortages throughout the day.

In addition, reports, organized as easy to read charts, provide managers with the data to create individualized shifts for a particular agent (based on exceptional skills, special needs or other variables), as well as extensive employee-level configuration options for non-call work assignment.

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