Why Does Your Contact Center Record Customer Calls?

How many calls does your contact center record? Some of them? All of them? Do you record the entire call or just a portion?

Answers will vary by contact center, but if your business is among that ever-shrinking percentage that has yet to implement call recording technology, it may be time to add this capability. A recent OrecX blog post details the many ways in which contact centers use recorded calls, and how it improves both customer service and agent performance. Feedback was solicited from more than 80 industry professionals on this topic.

While better service and agent assessment were indeed the most-cited motivation for call recording, there were several other responses as well. These included dispute resolution, risk management, training and coaching, and customer order verification. The blog post also explains how call recording and quality monitoring software used to be a luxury only larger businesses could afford. That is no longer the case, as today’s call recording solutions are more affordable, easier to implement, and simpler for agents and managers to operate. Find out more and watch this video about call recording.