Which of Your Agents Are ‘Manager Material’?

One way to attract better contact center agents is to offer a path out of that job into a management level position.

But if you’re going to provide that incentive, it’s also important to be clear about the requirements for being a manager, so they will know what is expected of them should they choose to pursue that path.

What qualities should you look for in a call center manager? These are some of the leadership and management skills for call center agent managers that are most important.

  1. Leadership Skills

Watch for agents who step up to help when another agent is having a problem. Look for those who motivate and encourage other agents. Leadership requires strong interpersonal skills.

  1. Analytical Skills

Managers have to create forecasts and schedules. While those specific skills should not be expected of an agent, one can spot analytical skills in how agents review recorded calls during training sessions, and assess their own performances.

  1. Organizational Skills

How does the agent balance his or her home and work life? Are they always behind schedule or running late?

  1. Education

Typically a B.A. in a business-related subject should be expected of a contact center manager. There is also something to be said for on-the-job training, and learning a business from the ground up. But good candidates should be encouraged to enroll or return to school and work toward a degree, even if it’s part time.

  1. Training/Supervising

Try putting these agents into a trainer role, so they will gain a deeper understanding of the challenges agents face and how to address them. Or let them work alongside a manager to gain additional insight into all the day-to-day aspects of contact center work.

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