What Should You Monitor in Your Call Center?

When call center managers establish quality standards and monitor agents on how well they meet those standards, which areas are most important? That’s the topic of this article in ICMI, which is worth a look if you are in the process of establishing your own quality standards, or re-thinking those already in place. 

The article makes one point that should be obvious but is surprisingly often overlooked by call center management – as you select the most important quality standards, ask yourself why those standards have been chosen. If they don’t figure heavily into customer satisfaction or the mission statement of the call center, perhaps they should be reconsidered. 

The prioritization of performance standards may vary by call center, but regardless of which are selected, the task of achieving them becomes much easier with a quality monitoring solution. The in-depth analysis and consistent reporting provided by a QM system exposes areas where improvement is needed, and provides accurate measurement on changes that occur as new standards are adopted. 

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