What is the Formula for Successful Quality Management?

Fortunately, for those of us who are math-challenged, not every business problem can be solved with an equation. But quality management (QM) can – and the formula is a surprisingly simple one:

Call Recording + Speech Analytics = Quality Management

Why are more contact centers not aware of this? Perhaps they haven’t changed their approach to quality management for more than a decade. They have not considered the impact that speech analytics, which wasn’t even widely available until recent years, can have on QM.

Call recording has always been part of the formula – collect the calls, review the calls, score the calls, learn from the calls. That won’t change as long as people still use telephones to contact businesses.

The advent of speech analytics offers the possibility of gaining even more insight from every customer communication. When call recording is combined with speech analytics, the result is a strategy that increases the value and effectiveness of your quality management program.

Merging call recording with speech analytics can significantly boost lead conversion rates, as well as increase customer retention levels. At the same time, it’s a way to be 100% assured that your agents are always in compliance with federal and industry regulations.

Any opportunity to add or keep customers that is not acknowledged is one that, in effect, ignores potential sales and profits. With speech analytics, contact centers are assured of gathering all of the valuable data contained in every incoming call.

With all the different touchpoints now available to customers, and with call content changing as a result of these communication options, is it really still enough to just evaluate a handful of randomly-selected calls every month? How many sales opportunities may be missed? How many customer service issues will remain unnoticed?

The technology is here – now – to track and evaluate the entire customer experience, and use that data to improve contact center efficiency.