What is Speech Analytics for Contact Centers?

Speech analytics offers a means to gain even more insight from your contact center’s call recording solution. Recorded calls are typically used in agent training, as well as in dispute resolution and to prove compliance. Speech analytics digs a little deeper into the content of each call, identifying patterns and key words and phrases that can help to further refine customer service efforts.

This could be performed manually, by having a skilled business analyst review each call and pinpoint important data in each. But the reason speech analytics is growing in popularity is the emergence of software that automates the search process for important words and phrases. The same system then provides automated alerts when certain issues or opportunities arise. With speech analytics:

  • Call centers can identify agents that may need additional training on how to handle specific aspects of their calls.
  • It also provides insight into your customers – how they feel about products and the service they receive, which issues continue to recur, and how they might best be resolved.
  • Finally, speech analytics can expose flaws in call center procedures and compliance issues that can lead to lost business or even legal exposure.

Once the software is in place, many call centers have found that speech analytics provides a shortcut to improving operational efficiency and enhancing the customer experience. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about how your contact center could benefit from Speech Analytics.