What is Call Quality Scoring and Evaluation?

All call centers should be rating agent performance. But for companies with more than one call center, or companies that experience management turnover, there may be a question of whether evaluation standards remain consistent from center to center, or manager to manager. Call scoring is a way to measure agent performance against a uniform standard. Used correctly it should eliminate any personal biases from call evaluation and improve quality management. The call scoring process should begin with defining the criteria that denotes a successful customer service engagement. This is a process that can involve managers, agents and even customers (through responses to surveys and other feedback channels). Call recording software will also play a key role. Reviewing recorded transactions, and discussing them with those involved in the call scoring process, will make it much easier to set goals, and assign scores based on different aspects of the call (greeting, adherence to script, conflict resolution etc.).Chances are there won’t be consensus on many points right away. Encourage discussion and ask participants to explain the scores they have given. But once standards for call scoring have been set, keep them consistent for all future evaluations. Compliance to call scoring evaluation should be enforced through regular contact and assessment with agents, making sure they are aware of the desired standard. Call Recording and Quality Management Software for Call ScoringChoose a call recording system with a built-in quality assurance tool for call scoring. All of the required functions can be automated into a single integrated solution. Functionality should include the creation of evaluation forms with configurable sections, the ability to share forms among agents and management, the assigning of calls to be assessed and the ability to generate reports based on call evaluations and statistics. For more information, please also download our whitepaper about call recording and quality assurance that provides an overview and discusses the need for an integrated solution.