What is Call Center Quality Management and Assurance?

Simply stated, quality management and quality assurance are the efforts made to optimize the customer experience by monitoring and improving the performance of call center personnel. 

The goal is a consistent professional handling of the full customer interacting experience. The tools that make this possible are the call recording and quality monitoring software that allow managers to review and assess the performance levels of individual agents, as well as entire shifts and staffs. 

Through the processes of call assessment, playback and scoring against pre-defined criteria, managers can more easily provide the coaching necessary to improve agent effectiveness. 

Since every call center is unique, the steps taken to deliver an effective quality management program will vary by the goals of each company. An automated quality management solution should be versatile enough to conform to each company’s business-driven parameters, and be easily customizable to achieve maximum results. 

Integration: The Key to Quality Assurance
Quality assurance works best when all the tools deployed for its achievement are both automated and integrated, including: 

•    Call recording and playback
•    Audio and video screen capturing
•    Evaluation questionnaires
•    Detailed reporting 
•    Coaching and training tools

When these features work together, the result is a system that increases productivity and improves adherence to corporate procedures, while also providing managers and supervisors with more time to focus on training and other techniques to further improve customer service and satisfaction. 

Please watch a video of call recording and quality monitoring to see an integrated solution in action.