What is a Workforce Optimization Platform?

A Workforce Optimization (WFO) platform is not just one method for improving contact center performance – it is a multitude of efficiency-boosting capabilities in one unified, automated package. The “optimization” part of workforce optimization is achieved by integrating different components so they are working together instead of at cross-purposes. Let’s use Monet’s WFO Live as an example. How does it help with scheduling, one of the most critical tasks of call center management?Workforce management software delivers the metrics that makes it easier and more efficient to forecast, schedule, intra-day management, exception handling and to real-time adherence tracking. But part of optimum scheduling is making sure the right agents are handling the right calls. That’s where Monet Record comes in – by having a record of how different agents handle different calls, a manager now has a way to determine which of his team members are best suited for different customer engagements. Monet Quality can also help here, by making it easier to retrieve calls by specific type, and providing additional reporting and analytics to further assess each agent’s skills. Unfortunately, the status quo rarely remains the same in any call center, so all these calculations must be regularly updated and re-examined. Monet Metrics delivers agent analytics, real-time alerts, scorecards and customizable reports, as well as data on key performance indicators such as agent adherence and service levels. This information can then be used in conjunction with workforce management to begin the process all over again. With one unified suite of workforce optimization services, every aspect of a call center can be monitored, analyzed and improved. When you get your agents working together as efficiently as the solutions incorporated in Monet’s WFO Live, you will be on the way to consistent, reliable customer service and support. To see these capabilities in action, please watch the latest videos in our workforce optimization demo center.