What is a BPO call center?

BPO is short for Business Process Outsourcer. This is a third-party service provider that handles any operations or responsibilities that a company is unable or unwilling to do in-house.

Call center services are often outsourced to BPOs where agents represent multiple companies in different businesses. Ideally this is achieved invisibly, so customers will believe the person they reach works only for the company they wished to contact. It’s a challenge, but one that is better managed with workforce optimization software.

Forecasting and scheduling are vital components in the success of every outsourcing call center. Agents are expected to provide outstanding customer service while receiving a wide range of questions and information requests. As BPO industry trends change, it is the outsource call center that will be expected to keep pace so corporate clients can make informed decisions.

Achieving your customer service goals is impossible without reliable data. For decades, that data was gathered through spreadsheets and would take hours to compile. Even then the results were not always accurate, or flexible enough to accommodate last minute changes or other staffing issues

As this is a topic that strikes at the very heart of outsourcing call center efficiency, Verint Monet has created a whitepaper that describes how our BPO call center software can help a BPO call center companies achieve best practices in forecasting, scheduling, adherence tracking an agent productivity.

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