What Do Customers Experience When they Call?

Capturing the customer’s perspective is vital to outstanding service. Finding the best way to achieve this insight will put any call center on the right path to efficiency and success.

The best place to start is with call recording. When you can listen to the customer in his or her own words expressing their satisfaction with or objections to a call center engagement, you’ll know very quickly which agents are doing their jobs, and which part of your scripted copy is achieving the desired results.

Call recording software allows for random call monitoring, so managers can listen in on calls without agents knowing which discussions are being reviewed. That provides a more accurate reflection of a typical customer engagement. Review a cross-section of calls from each agent, from each shift and from each of the common call categories (order placement, order cancellation, questions, complaints, etc.) to get the full picture.

You can also significantly boost the impact of call recording by adding a Quality Management (QM) component. Start by creating a quality assurance scorecard to measure agent demeanor and performance as related to KPIs. Then score each call based on the scorecard and your preferred grading system. These scorecards provide a clear picture of how well each agent and the call center as a whole are doing, and where additional training is needed. You may discover, after repeating this process periodically, that even a small change in greeting or the insertion of a positive phrase or upsell effort can make a big difference.

Quality monitoring works best when all the tools deployed for its achievement are both automated and integrated, as they are in Monet Quality. We invite you to watch a short Quality Monitoring video that illustrates how it works.