Learn How You Can Improve Your CX Strategy by Driving Quality Customer Interactions and Engaged Employees Through Our Series of Webinars

Join the crowd and learn how you can improve forecasting, scheduling, and improve the performance of you team with our workforce planning software webinars. Intelligent and powerful workforce optimization systems that are flexible, highly reliable, easily scalable, and affordable.

On-Demand Webinars

On-Demand, Webinar
3 Fundamental Cloud Tools to Maximize Customer Interactions
Watch the webinar to uncover the three cloud CX tools that every organization needs to best maximize customer interactions.
On-Demand, Webinar
5 Ways to Tackle Schedule Adherence
Whether your contact center is big or small, managing and engaging your workforce is a critical challenge (and opportunity). And […]
On-Demand, Webinar
Adapting to Our New World
These are unprecedented times with every aspect of our lives being touched by the Coronavirus. Millions of workers, likely including […]
On-Demand, Webinar
Demo: Verint Monet Workforce Engagement Solution
Watch this exclusive demo of the Verint Monet Workforce Engagement solution and see how this solution offers a unified approach for contact centers to elevate the customer experience while balancing the need to improve employee engagement, operational performance, and compliance.
On-Demand, Webinar
Demo: Verint Monet Workforce Management Solution
Watch this exclusive on-demand demo of the Verint Monet Workforce Management (WFM) solution. See how a modern, cloud-based WFM solution can help your contact center accurately forecast and schedule to improve employee and customer engagement.
On-Demand, Webinar
Five Ways to Measure Contact Center or Salesforce Help Desk Success
Watch this webinar and unlock the five most impactful WFM metrics you should be tracking.
On-Demand, Webinar
Fulfilling Customer Needs & Creating Greener Gardens with MTD Products
Hear how MTD Products, a leading outdoor power equipment manufacturer, is leveraging Verint Monet Workforce Management (WFM) for Salesforce to provide a superiour customer experience across multiple channels in this webinar.
On-Demand, Webinar
Getting Started with Quality Management
Discover how a quality management (QM) solution can elevate your CX while meeting customer expectations. Our QM experts will cover how your organization can get started with quality management to help navigate and thrive with quality management in today's new challenges.
On-Demand, Webinar
How A Leading Company Eliminated Agent Friction and Elevated CSAT
The key to better customer satisfaction includes eliminating agent friction. See how workforce management can improve your agent experience.
On-Demand, Webinar
How to Build an Employee Engagement Strategy That Lasts Through and Beyond Uncertain Times
In this webinar, partnered with Talkdesk, we will review the strategies you need to instill meaning, motivation and involvement with your employees to boost employee morale and maintain operational efficiency through and beyond uncertain times.
On-Demand, Webinar
Navigate Your Contact Center Budget for a Thriving CX in the New Year
Watch this on-demand webinar to learn more about call center expenses you need to consider as you build your 2021 budget and how a modern WFM solution plays a critical role in budget preparation.
On-Demand, Webinar
See Verint Monet Quality Management in Action
Watch this exclusive demo of the newly released Verint Monet Quality Management solution and see for yourself how this solution offers a practical way to increase productivity and employee engagement in your contact center and help desk environment.
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