Wanted: Call Recording Functionality

For many call centers, it is one of the most basic tools employed in the improvement of customer service, the establishment of industry regulation compliance and protection against potential legal disputes.

For other call centers, it’s the solution at the top of their corporate wish list.

According to a survey from the website Software Advice, call recording tops the list of desired software capabilities. And since 46% of call center buyers are just in the process of purchasing call center software for the first time, it’s logical to assume that many businesses are still doing without this vital component.

If your call center has not yet discovered the benefits of a call recording solution, or believe that adding this technology is too costly, it’s time to take another look at what call recording can do for your business – and how easy and affordable it can be with a cloud delivery model. We invite we to watch a short video about call recording.

“This call is being recorded for quality purposes”

Customers will not regard this standard call monitoring disclosure as an inconvenience or an intrusion, as a recording provides both protection and clarification if an issue should arise.


Calls that are recorded are calls that can be analyzed later to gauge the efficiency of call center agents. It is also a means to gather research on consumer trends that can be utilized in the formulation of marketing and sales strategies.


With a record of each call, management and call center trainers can evaluate agent performance on efficiency, courtesy, conversational style, proper use of scripted or company-approved responses and other key components.

Customer Satisfaction

Client disputes can usually be settled by accessing call center recordings to review the discrepancy. A recording clarifies exactly what both parties said, potentially saving the company from time-consuming and costly legal action.

And fortunately, lower IT costs and cloud computing have brought this technology within the means of most small and midsized call centers. With a subscription delivery model there is no large upfront cost, or other costs related to maintenance and regular updates and upgrades.