VOIP Recorder Software for Contact Centers: Discover the Difference

Voice Over IP (VoIP) ranks among the fastest-growing technology solutions at contact centers. Several options are available for those seeking to upgrade to VoIP, and this is an important decision that should be based on call center volume, current operational structure and IT environment. 

With the right system in place, the advantages of VoIP call recording will be immediately apparent. 

Ease of Use: Once incorporated into the call center’s operating structure, VoIP call recording can record all calls in multiple environments, even if different audio and data sources are employed. A Web-based interface provides secure centralized access to all recordings, as well as analysis of call volume, patterns and trends. 

Customer Interaction Assessment: One of the primary objectives of call recording is to use each call as a teaching moment for agents and a learning moment for management. To do so, it’s important to be able to find specific calls quickly, and be able to search for those calls by several criteria – date, caller, time of call, call length, etc. Such navigation is made easier with VoIP call recording. 

Improved Customer Service: Analysis of calls will reveal traffic patterns that will help determine workload distribution and recommended changes in best practices. Past events are also one way to determine future needs, and will help frame customer service goals and training efforts. 

Efficiency = Cost Savings: The data collected through VoIP recording can result in more efficient workforce distribution and improved performance, both of which can have a positive impact on ROI. The capabilities and versatility of the system should allow it to grow and adapt with the call center’s needs, allowing management to be more pro-active to future challenges, rather than reacting after the fact. Anytime a business is caught playing catch-up, it can be costly in both time and money.

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