Voice of the Customer Programs needs Quality Management

At some call centers, sufficient customer feedback may seem like a need that has already been satisfied. However, while you may think your customers are never shy when it comes to expressing an opinion on a company’s products, and the service they received, this verbal feedback alone is not enough.

Why? The customers most likely to speak out are those that had a negative experience. Those that were pleased with their call center communication will rarely make a point of expressing their satisfaction.

A customer survey is one way to find out what your customers may not be saying. By asking questions that delve into every aspect of the contact center, you’ll receive a more complete picture on how each segment is functioning, and where attention may be needed.

But there is another way to gauge the voice of the customer, and that is through the feedback and insights acquired through call recording software and quality management.

Recorded calls provide a record of each customer engagement that can be divided into several parts, and graded on a 1-10 scale. Categories can include greeting, call opening, listening to customer, etiquette and closing. While this is a system primarily used to assess agent performance, it is just as valuable for monitoring whether a call center’s approach is having the desired effect.

For instance, if an agent is frequently interrupted during the greeting, perhaps the script for that greeting should be cut down. If upsell attempts are too often met with hostility, a different approach might be needed.

Quality management allows a contact center to analyze key components of their customer interaction, and find out what customers are really saying – even if they don’t specifically say it.