Virtual Call Centers + Cloud Software = Happy Employees

There has been much written on the advantages of virtual call centers from the company’s perspective. The potential for huge cost reductions, and easier scalability than may be possible with a brick and mortar call center, has prompted many companies to embrace the virtual model.

The evolution of cloud software has accelerated this trend, as it provides the same service capabilities to an agent’s home computer as they would enjoy at the call center. No installation is required, data sharing remains secure, and managers enjoy even more flexibility in the forecasting and scheduling process. 

What is not acknowledged as often is how employees may also prefer a virtual working situation. Qualified agents looking for a position no longer have to live close to a call center location. In fact, they don’t even have to reside in the same state. 

Parents with small children might also enjoy the family proximity of a home-based office, as long as it does not interfere with their professional obligations. It also eliminates the drive to and from work, which not only increases family time, it also decreases gas costs and automobile wear and tear. 

The comforts of home can make a call center agent more content in his or her work, and more motivated to maintain their employment by working hard and meeting the company’s needs. These agents may also feel more confident in trust that is shown in them to work from home without a manager looking over their shoulders throughout the day. 

For traditional call centers this arrangement can be a big adjustment. But if employee turnover remains an issue, the option of working from home may result in better agents that will stick around longer.