Using call recording to build a knowledge base for your call centers

Outstanding customer service begins with agents who make a positive impression with every customer engagement. This requires not only courtesy, but also knowledge about the company’s products, services and policies. The more your agents know, the better they are able to do their jobs.

Using call recording to build a knowledge base for call centers

How can you make sure you are getting the most out of the personnel that are on the front lines of your call center? Call recording provides a means to track questions, inquiries, call resolutions and call types. But it’s also important to use this technology to build or enhance your knowledge base for your agents. How do customers ask, what is the best answer, etc. Perhaps you already have a checklist for reviewing different aspects of a call, or for call scoring based on greeting, closing, upselling, etc. This process can typically be completed after one review of each call. But try listening to these same calls a second time, or even a third time, and involve call centers managers, supervisors and agents in the process. These more intensive call recording reviews often generate new ideas on how to better address customer issues. Write down every suggestion, and start building up a list of solutions and techniques for handling the most difficult customer questions and situations. Finally, use these same call recordings in both individual meetings with agents and in brainstorming sessions as a team, with the goal of improving call resolution. The ideas that emerge from these sessions can be invaluable in improving customer service. Of course, call recording has many more benefits. We invite you to read this call recording whitepaper, it illustrates in more detail why it is important for any size call center to record and monitor calls.