Using Call Recording for Call Center Quality Management

Call recording can play an integral role in a call center’s quality management strategy. For most businesses, the main components of quality management are quality control, quality assurance and quality improvement. With call center call recording, each of these goals can be better achieved. 

Quality Control
The objective here is to maintain a service standard for your customers. What better way to do this than by using call recording software to analyze customer interaction? Call recording can be used to monitor individual calls, and to determine patterns over a period of time that illuminate what the call center is doing right, and where there might be room for improvement. 

Quality Assurance
Consistency is the objective here, but it can be a challenge as each interaction between a call center agent and customer is a new opportunity for success or failure. With the data generated by call monitoring software, managers are able to review any changes that are not beneficial, and help to assure that every customer encounter is a positive one. 

Quality Improvement
There are two ways to improve call center performance – through an upgrade in technology, and through an upgrade in employee performance. Call recording software utilizes real-time reports on performance metrics. By reviewing the records and reports compiled by call center call recording software, a manager can increase the effectiveness of his training and reduce supervision time. 

Likewise, personnel performance can also be improved with coaching and training, which is made easier by reviewing customer-agent interaction through recorded calls.