Using Call Center Software for Quality Assurance Management

At a call center, quality assurance sometimes gets lost in the everyday responsibilities of keeping up with call volume. However, the effort invested in quality management is crucial to current and future performance and productivity.

Call center quality management software automates many of the data-gathering and evaluation responsibilities inherent in quality management, making it easier for management personnel to review employee performance, adherence to corporate procedures and call evaluation standards.

Whether there are issues traceable to individual agents or overall corporate policies, call center software can be invaluable in identifying these issues and correcting them. By reviewing how an agent handles each customer contact, managers can cite specific areas where improvement is warranted. After awhile, agents will be able to evaluate their own calls and change their approach as necessary for a more successful outcome. This also frees managers to attend to other issues, and is especially important in call centers where agents outnumber managers by a significant margin.

Should an issue be traced to corporate policy, call center software can monitor how changes impact results, and provide evaluation questionnaires to assess trends and opportunities.

Call center quality management software provides both a snapshot into current performance, and a means to measure results over time, for one agent or one hundred, in one center or in multiple locations around the world. The reports generated by the software can be altered based on key metrics, making it easier to zero in on patterns that can be analyzed for quality assurance purposes and establish best practices.