Tips for Hiring Effective Remote Agents

America is statistically at full employment at the moment, which is good news for the economy but bad news for contact centers looking to hire more agents. If more people are working, less people are looking for work.

One way to expand the potential talent pool is to consider agents who work from home. Technology – including the workforce management solution from Monet – makes it simple to acclimate to this arrangement.

You might expect applicants seeking a telecommuting position would already have the skill set a remote worker needs ¬– but that is not always the case. Some just want to be able to watch General Hospital while they’re still on the clock.

Here are three tips to help you find qualified work-from-home agents.

1. Previous Experience

Has the applicant held other work-from-home positions? If previous employers were happy with their professionalism, it bodes well for your business.

2. An Entrepreneurial Spirit

Ask applicants about their ultimate career goals ¬– do they hope to one day start their own businesses and work for themselves? These are the born self-starters who don’t need a manager hovering over them to put in a good day’s work.

3. A Good Team Member

Independence is important for telecommuting employees – but these agents are still part of your contact center team, and should be able to attend meetings on-site when necessary, participate in all coaching and training programs, and communicate with other agents to answer questions or solve problems.

A workforce management solution makes it easier to accommodate work-from-home agents.

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