Three Hurdles with Workforce Management – and How to Eliminate Them

When contact centers add Monet WFM, the result is a more efficient operation. Benefits include accurate forecasts, better schedules, monitoring of adherence in real time, intraday management, and easier exception handling.

But as you make the transition, you may find some issues that must be addressed to maximize the positive impact of this technology. These are the three most common workforce management software challenges.

  1. Getting Agents to Buy In

WFM brings with it a great deal of change, including the way schedules are created, shifts are assigned, hours are calculated and exceptions are considered. Some agents may view WFM as “Big Brother,” a system that evaluates how they do their jobs and is just waiting for them to slip.

This hurdle can be overcome by stressing how the benefits of WFM extend to agents as well. Now, it will be easier for them to request shift swaps or days off, so they can better balance work with their personal lives. As the new system becomes familiar, these concerns will disappear.

  1. Overdoing Shift Changes

As referenced in the previous hurdle, changing shifts will become much easier with a WFM solution. But be wary at the beginning of too many requests from too many agents to work only the hours that are most convenient to them. Granting all of these requests will result in some shifts being understaffed, which will disrupt customer service.

This can be addressed by prioritizing the requests based on the reasons for them. A sick child would be a good reason to grant a change; having tickets to a hockey game should not be treated the same way.

  1. Schedules Written in Stone

Yes, schedules created with WFM will be easier to create and more effective than those derived from spreadsheets. But even the best schedules can go awry. Workforce management is prepared to deal with exceptions, but managers still must be ready to act upon the real-time information WFM delivers and make adjustments accordingly.

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