Three Essential Qualities Of an Efficient Contact Center

The dictionary defines efficiency as “effective operation as measured by a comparison of production with cost (as in energy, time and money).”

Sounds like the goal every contact center manager sets at the start of a new year.

But how to get there? Here are three essential qualities that always result in improved efficiency.

  1. KPIs: Set Them – and Don’t Forget Them

The establishment of key performance indicators (KPIs) is the first step toward efficient performance. KPIs, which are optimally monitored and measured by a workforce management solution, provide the data that fuels analytics, testing, development, efficiency, and productivity.

There are standard KPIs for every contact center, and they are all important. It is the manager’s job to focus on those where improvement is needed most, so discussions can begin on how to make that happen.

Common contact center KPIs include:

  • Hold times
  • Calls made per agent, per day
  • Call response times
  • Leads generated per hour
  • Average handle times
  • Agent talk times
  1. Speech Analytics

Speech analytics will boost the operational efficiency of your contact center. It will help your agents quickly identify why customers are calling, resulting in faster resolutions and improved average handle time. Properly used, it will also reduce the number of calls and repeat calls.

This is also particularly true if you are already using a workforce management solution. Together with speech analytics, you’ll be able to disseminate call center data and deliver analytics insights into the KPIs that matter most.

Even the most qualified, experienced agents cannot mine each call for relevant data in real time. It’s simply more efficient to automate this practice so calls are instantly categorized by purpose and/or outcome, while the agent is clear to focus only on delivering a positive engagement.

  1. Consistency

Meeting your efficiency goals for one or two weeks out of every month is not good enough. Consistency is the answer. Make it a priority.

Doing so becomes much easier with a workforce management solution. With WFM, managers can be proactive, taking the data gathered from historic performance and creating processes for scheduling, staffing, and how each type of case should be handled.

When a contact center can rely on consistently having the right number of agents on each shift, with procedures in place on how to provide assistance, customer service inevitably improves.

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