Three Contact Center Service Questions That Can Be Answered With Desktop Analytics

For insight into improving call center service in every interaction between an agent and a customer, it’s hard to beat desktop analytics (DA).

What makes DA unique is not just the capability of turning a spotlight on system, operational, or staff-related issues; it is the system’s ability to provide guidance and improve process automation, so these problems can be solved without scheduling meetings and taking time away from the day-to-day challenges of running a contact center.

Here are three common questions that every contact center manager has asked at one time or another. Answers to all of them can be better achieved with desktop analytics.

  1. Are agents following our procedures?

Where speech analytics is primarily customer-focused, desktop analytics delivers insight on your agents and your processes. It captures and analyzes all agent desktop activities in real time, and it improves process automation and workflow. This way, managers will always know whether agents are using the correct applications at the proper time.

  1. Where are we experiencing service delays, and how can they be fixed?

A record of desktop activity will show how agents access customer and product information, process credit card data, look up records, and perform other basic tasks. Are these tasks being handled efficiently, or are calls taking longer than they should because the company’s systems are not properly streamlined?

  1. Is our contact center in compliance with privacy regulations?

For banking contact centers in particular, international regulations require the preservation of any communications contributing to a completed transaction, whether this is handled via telephone, mail, chat or video call. There are also regulations to protect the privacy of sensitive information such as credit card data. Desktop analytics can help contact centers make certain these critical procedures are being followed, while also handling data in the proper way  – hiding it in some cases, preserving it in others.

One more question: Are you Ready for Desktop Analytics? 

If you want more transparency into how your contact center functions, what agents are doing at their desks, whether your business is in compliance with government or industry guidelines on information gathering, and where your procedures are falling short of expectations, desktop analytics may have the answers.

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