The Story of Scheduling Spreadsheets in Call Centers

What does a call center supervisor think of using spreadsheets for scheduling,  analyzing statistics on call volume and other key metrics? As our new video shows, it’s a system that has its limitations, and has now been surpassed by workforce optimization (WFO) software. Supervisors always have a lot on their collective plates, so the sooner they can get the information they need for accurate forecasting and scheduling, the faster they’ll be able to move on to other issues. Of course, they also need to have confidence in the schedules they have created – and that becomes easier as well with data as detailed and extensive as what WFO provides. From tracking call history, adherence and performance, to call recording capabilities, WFO makes almost every aspect of the supervisor’s job more efficient. Click on the video to meet Mary, a call center supervisor facing many of the same challenges that may be present at your call center. Did WFO work for her? Then, click on the link at the end of the video to view a more detailed demo of how WFO can make a difference at your call center.