The Perfect Team: Monet Workforce Management and Salesforce™ Service Cloud™

Thousands of companies have already discovered how Salesforce™ Service Cloud™ delivers faster service at a lower cost, while streamlining communication between customers, employees and partners.

Now, imagine the possibilities when Monet’s award-winning workforce management solution is integrated with Salesforce™ Service Cloud™.

Actually no imagination is necessary – seamless integration between the two efficiency solutions is possible with no required hardware. Data passes to Monet Live, WFM for Salesforce™ Service Cloud™ through a widget atop a console via a streaming API.

Helpdesks know that the best customer service happens when the right number of agents are doing the right job at the right time. But without workforce management, it was difficult for managers to maintain these levels given their limited visibility into what agents were doing, and how they were doing it.

WFM eliminates guesswork, and will quickly eliminate time-consuming processes. Now, with data that clearly shows what is working what is not, new methods can be implemented (such as matching employee skills to specific tasks) to optimize agent productivity.

Monet WFM Live also delivers:

  • Improved case and chat management
  • Better forecasts
  • Real-time workforce visibility
  • Greater customer satisfaction

If you’re a Salesforce™ Service Cloud™ customer, isn’t it time you find out what you’ve been missing?

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