The One-Word Key to Help Desk Efficiency

We won’t bury the lead this time. The one-word key to help desk efficiency is:


Think of it – what are some of the biggest challenges faced by help desks?

  • Frustrating caller wait times
  • Help desk staff attrition and frequent turnover
  • Insufficient documented procedures

Just one of these can be a hazard – all of them result in a snowball effect that results in a poor level of service to the end user.

Consistency is the answer. Make it a priority. Doing so becomes much easier with a workforce management solution designed specifically for help desks.

With WFM, managers can be proactive, taking the data gathered from historic performance and creating processes for scheduling, staffing, and how each type of case should be handled.

When a help desk can rely on consistently having the right number of agents on each shift, with procedures in place on how to provide assistance, customer service inevitably improves.

How does WFM help with attrition? Ask your departing agents why they are leaving. Many of them may describe the stress of the job, the confusion and frustration that can result from not having consistent procedures to follow.

Monet’s WFM for Salesforce delivers advanced scheduling that incorporates all forecasted casework, voice channels, and other activities to generate staffing schedules that optimize a wide range of factors including: agent availability, work rules, holidays, breaks, service levels, and center budgets.

And because it’s cloud-based and delivered as a service, help desks using Salesforce can access secure web-based applications at a competitive cost with no large upfront investment.