The Integration of Call Recording and Workforce Optimization

Workforce optimization is about information – collecting in, organizing it, analyzing it, and using it to improve efficiency and performance at your call center. 

And since the primary objective of any call center is to create a high percentage of successful customer contacts, whether that involves the purchase of a product or service or settling a dispute, it is the records of these engagements, in the form of recorded phone calls, that offer the best indication of how well your call center is doing. 

As a result, in this industry it is difficult to perceive how workforce optimization can be attained without call recording software. This is where qualitative and quantitative data merge to form a more complete picture of day-to-day performance – what’s going right, and what needs attention. 

Call recording data provides insight into the skills of individual agents, adherence to best practices and overall quality of performance. Combined with workforce management, a call center can use this data to impact forecasting, scheduling and metrics, to further enhance customer service. 

These two goals should not be achieved through separate technology but through one graphical user interface that incorporates all call center functions. That makes the data easier to collect, share and use for purposes of training, liability determination, or working together in shifts, teams or different call centers to address outstanding issues. 
Every call center has challenges, and even without this technology those challenges will eventually be discovered and (hopefully!) corrected. The advantage of call recording and workforce optimization is uncovering those challenges and addressing them more quickly, which limits their negative impact on your business. In this economy every customer lost is significant. Every customer saved is a cause for celebration. 

Consolidation into a unified workforce optimization framework also eliminates redundancies and can reduce costs. For more information about this unified approach, please read our whitepaper about call recording and workforce optimization. You will learn why call recording is a must-have and how a unified WFO solution takes call center performance to a whole new level.