The Critical Role of Bank Contact Centers

Depending on your age, you may remember a time when banks competed more aggressively against each other for business.

There were many more state and local bank branches back then, each offering different checking and savings account products to entice customers. Today, however, the industry is dominated by national and global brands, all of which offer more or less the same services.

With the choices so commoditized, service plays a critical role in customer loyalty and attracting new customers. A research study conducted by Ovum found that “a key component for successful branch transformation includes workforce optimization software that is integrated across contact centers, back offices and regional hubs, to help support staffing and scheduling of resources needed to deliver a true omnichannel customer experience.”

Of course, contact centers don’t handle deposits and withdrawals – but they do handle questions about transactions, new account information, inquiries about the cost of products and services, and concerns over suspicious account activity – something that is on the rise.

A workforce optimization (WFO) solution helps assure every customer and potential customer receives the efficient service they deserve. Plus, with WFO you’ll learn something from every customer engagement. Call recording helps protect financial institutions from legal action, while providing a valuable resource for agent coaching and training; quality monitoring helps you assess levels of customer satisfaction with your speed and service quality; speech analytics delivers more insight into what your customers want, so you can sometimes anticipate their needs before they even express them.

With WFO, managers have everything they need to attack key performance indicators and bring them into acceptable levels. And it helps your agents do a better job as well.

Monet’s Next-Gen WFO solution makes it possible for banks of any size to scale IT quickly and efficiently, and to make changes without business interruption.

Still have questions? We are always available to help address the concerns of banks considering a cloud solution, and to identify the many ways in which the cloud can benefit your banking contact center.

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