The Competitive Edge Delivered by Speech Analytics

Whatever business you are in, whatever product or service you are selling, however many other companies are competing against you for the same customers, there’s one thing you can do right now to gain a competitive edge in your industry: add speech analytics to your contact center.

Why? Because surveys show that just one out of five contact centers have already done so. And those numbers haven’t moved much over the last two years.

“Then maybe it’s not worth it!” you might say. But if you talk to a contact center manager that has made the switch, he or she will make a case for speech analytics benefits.

You’ll hear about agents who are better able to meet the needs of their customers, which helps them to remain customers instead of exploring the competition.

You’ll hear about better training sessions that result from speech analytics call center training software identifying operational and performance issues.

You’ll hear how agents are better able to recognize upsell and cross-sell opportunities, so sales go up.

You’ll learn how caller patterns that would take weeks to detect can now be found in minutes, because of the business intelligence analytics delivered.

Speech analytics can also reduce agent attrition, and help with compliance with government and industry regulations regarding the handling of credit card information and other sensitive data.

At a time when customers have become more demanding given the technology options available, contact centers need every tool they can find to meet these demands, and even to anticipate them when possible. That is another advantage analytics provides.

The Monet Software version of speech analytics is part of our award-winning WFO suite. It delivers detailed, data-driven insight into daily call center operations and customer behavior, but without the significant investment that such benefits used to require.

You can find more information here, or schedule a live demo to see Monet Analytics in action.