The Case For Desktop Analytics

While Monet is pleased to offer both speech analytics and desktop analytics solutions, we tend to focus more on speech analytics because we’re hearing more customer interest in this capability, and its adoption into forward-thinking contact centers has become mainstream over the past few years.

However, downplaying desktop analytics (DA) does a disservice to an application that is just as valuable.

Perhaps it’s time to also consider adding DA to your business. What benefits could you derive from being able to capture and analyze all agent desktop activity? What process issues and bottlenecks might be avoided with more scrutiny into the systems you have in place now?

We’re not sure why DA hasn’t caught on yet with most businesses. Perhaps it’s still not understood as well as it should be. Or maybe the functionality of speech analytics is more easily explained than what a desktop analytics implementation provides.

So, let’s make the case for adding DA to your contact center: it will provide you with insights into your systems and activities that will help identify costly issues that have a negative impact on customer experience. It can monitor and identify compliance issues that could put your organization at risk.

Where speech analytics is primarily customer-focused, desktop analytics (DA) delivers insight on your agents and your processes. It captures and analyzes all agent desktop activities in real time, and it improves process automation and workflow.

What makes (DA) unique is not just the capability of turning a spotlight on system, operational, or staff-related issues; it is the system’s ability to provide guidance and improve process automation, so these problems can be solved without scheduling meetings and taking time away from the day-to-day challenges of running a contact center.

Desktop analytics is available as a standalone product, but our DA solution is one that works within and enhances our WFO suite. It is yet another tool available to managers trying to figure out why some processes have slowed and where issues need to be fixed. 

Are you Ready for Desktop Analytics? 

If you want more transparency into how your contact center functions, what agents are doing at their desks, whether your business is in compliance with government or industry guidelines on information gathering, and where your procedures are falling short of expectations, desktop analytics may have the answers.

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