Survey Says – Time for Speech Analytics

It seems like every time another survey is conducted on speech analytics, the results confirm what we already knew.

There was a recent study by a speech analytics provider that found 47% of users are now able to identify customer issues and resolve them quickly. More than half reported that speech analytics improved the effectiveness of their workforce optimization efforts.

We could have told you that. In fact, we have been telling you that since we introduced our own speech analytics solution a couple of years ago.

At a time when customer experience has become a greater differentiating factor in what separates one company from another, both WFO and analytics play a vital role in expanding your customer base and maintaining customer loyalty.

With workforce optimization, contact centers can automate such important functions as workforce management, call recording, quality management, screen capture, performance management and tracking key metrics. Analytics is more customer-centric, providing centers with insight into customer types and the nature of each inquiry, so calls can be routed to the agent best suited to deal with them.

As both tools work toward the same goal, doesn’t it make sense to acquire them in a way that assures they will efficiently work together?

At Monet, our speech analytics and desktop analytics are incorporated into our WFO solution to help maximize agent productivity and performance.

For basic call centers or contact centers that offer omnichannel interactions between agents and customers, this powerful alliance of WFO and analytics can better meet your customer needs, help you to better utilize your resources, and improve service levels.

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