Speech Analytics and Desktop Analytics

Improve Customer Interactions and Processes with Verint Monet’s Integrated Analytics Tools

Delivering the best customer experience is today's competitive advantage. If your organization better understands your customers, their needs, their preferences, their emotions and their communication you can deliver great experiences and customer service. With Verint Monet Software’s call center speech analytics, you will transform voice data from customer interactions into critical business intelligence to make smarter decisions and improve:

  • Agent performance
  • Customer experience
  • Regulatory compliance
  • First call resolution
  • Sales effectiveness
  • Issue resolution
  • Overall quality of service

Verint Monet Speech Analytics solution makes it easy to evaluate calls in near real-time, search for key phrases and discover actionable data from customer interactions.

Automatically evaluate 100% of your calls in near real-time

With Verint Monet Software’s call center speech analytics, you can leverage the value of your most important business asset: your customers. As calls are recorded, the software automatically processes and identifies them in near real-time, allowing you to evaluate data on 100% of your calls. The intuitive user interface allows you to quickly and easily locate calls containing specific words, phrases, product names, acronyms and even slang. Once you isolate a call you can play back the entire conversation or navigate directly to the specific phrase.

  • Discover: Search phrases across recorded calls in near real-time
  • Focus: Get automated alerts based on triggers you set up
  • Learn: Share actionable information with reports and dashboards

Unlimited opportunities with phonetic based analytic capabilities

The system is based on phonetics, so you can search product name, acronyms and new words without creating a dictionary. The speech analytics solution enables you to effortlessly track interactions and locate calls that fall into categories such as customer complaints or compliance risk. Interactions can be reviewed as a group or individually, allowing you to see what's happening between your agents and your customers and discover opportunities for improvement.

Easily discover, organize, visualize and share actionable information

The intuitive user interface allows users to quickly customize searches and communicate information in graphs and reports. It's easy to filter data and drill down from a high level all the way to the root cause. With an array of visual tools at your fingertips you can slice and dice data any way you like to help identify cross-sell or up-sell opportunities. You can see how terms and phrases are related and how frequently they are used in relation to each other. The system can send automated alerts to the most sensitive issues and opportunities. As critical events happen, from legal threats to product defects, the system keeps you informed whenever a critical conversation takes place. With these business insights you can take immediate actions to resolve or avoid issues.

Get a flexible speech analytics solution integrated into a WFO platform

Verint Monet’s Speech Analytics solution is delivered in the cloud, making it extremely easy to set up and implement, so you can see results within weeks. To learn more about Speech Analytics, please contact us.

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