Speech Analytics: Without It, Here’s What You’re Missing

Important data and critical insights are contained in every phone call fielded by your contact center. Are you making the most of them?

You are, if you have a speech analytics solution.

If you have not added speech analytics to your business yet, there are messages being sent by your customers that agents may not recognize. And when those messages are overlooked, those customers may not remain customers for long.

Without speech analytics, here’s what you are missing:

Greater Customer Insight

The more agents know about your customers the better they’ll be able to serve them. Speech analytics picks up on verbal cues and word choice and topic patterns that can help agents be more proactive in each situation.

Script Development

Speech analytics can tell you more about how callers are reacting to scripted agent content, so you can change what’s not working before it creates an issue.

More Upsell Opportunities

Will your agents pick up on responses that identify certain customers as good candidates for additional purchases? They will with the help provided by speech analytics.

Lower Customer Churn

This one is easy – when customers are happy with the service they receive, they stay customers. Speech analytics may deliver the pivotal element in the overall customer experience.

Studies show that a 10% increase in customer retention levels equates to a 30% increase in company value. Any opportunity to add or keep customers that is not acknowledged is one that, in effect, ignores potential sales and profits. With speech analytics, contact centers are assured of gathering all of the valuable data contained in every incoming call.


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