Speech Analytics for Improved Customer Service

Speech Analytics has been common practice at larger call centers for years. But more recently, top-tier quality monitoring software has become more affordable and accessible to smaller/midsize businesses. Many of these call centers are now incorporating this practice into its quality monitoring strategy for improved customer experience and satisfaction.

Sometimes called audio mining, speech analytics refers to the analysis of information from recorded customer phone calls. It is a more in-depth procedure that merely reviewing calls and categorizing them by outcome; it provides insight into why customers are calling, and how their needs can be better serviced.

The practice often begins with keyword spotting, which focuses on the identification of specific words, phrases and topics throughout each call, and how often these terms appear over a given shift, day or week. These keywords could be as simple as the name of a new product, or spotlight a recurring issue with recent orders.

The keyword spotting process can be simplified through software that converts agent-customer conversations into phonetic representations or into text files, so they can be reviewed without having to listen to each call.

However, it is not wise to rely only on text files, as these will not provide insight into the behavior and emotions of the caller and the call center employee. Reviewing the actual audio will identify agent and customer behaviors that need to be modified, and reveal when and why certain calls become more emotional.

By combining keyword spotting with a review of how customers and agents speak with each other, speech analytics can deliver valuable data to pro-actively solve issues before they can impact the company.

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