Speech Analytics Best Practices

Speech analytics boosts the effectiveness of a call recording solution, while delivering critical business and marketing intelligence to improve agent performance and the customer experience.  

It’s still a fairly new technology that has not been widely adopted within the industry. Is it part of your 2016 plan? If so, here are some best practice suggestions that can help your contact center maximize its impact. 

Set Goals

Speech Analytics can help contact centers achieve several goals. But it’s best to start with one or two, preferably where improvement is needed most. Doing so will acclimate the technology to your contact center, while also quickly demonstrating to the rest of the organization why it was worth the investment. 

Revise Your Quality Monitoring System

Like peanut butter and chocolate, speech analytics and quality monitoring are both wonderful things that are even better when you put them together. It’s easier to fine sub-sets of calls quickly with analytics, which can then be used to spotlight problem areas. For instance, if a new product were causing confusion among customers, it would be helpful to find the calls about this issue. Speech analytics can select these calls by the words and phrases used (a process referred to as keyword spotting). After a cross-section of these calls is reviewed, agents can be furnished with the best possible answers to customer questions.

Train Your Team

It’s important that agents understand how speech analytics can help them be more effective at their job, so they should take the time to get comfortable with the system and how it works. If they do not buy in, the chances of a successful roll-out will be diminished. Thankfully, with Monet’s speech analytics tool, the learning curve is shorter and the benefits readily apparent, both of which should ease implementation. 

Be Prepared for Expansion

The contact center is the logical place to introduce speech analytics into a company. This is where its capabilities are most needed and where results can be most easily documented. But once that happens, it may find its way into other departments as well. Contact center managers and trainers – perhaps even some agents – may be called upon to demonstrate how to leverage its findings to further boost customer service and profitability.