Seven Tips for Effective Call Recording

All call recording solutions are not created equal, and due diligence should be performed before adding call recording software, or changing call monitoring systems. For more effective call recording, here are seven tips covering important areas of consideration before, during and after software implementation. 

1.  All or Nothing
Call recording software must meet the demands of your business. Some systems just record select calls. But to get a true picture of how the call center is performing, it is vital to record every call, and use the software to analyze the data for patterns (call wait time, content, issue resolution, etc.). Full-time recording capability was traditionally available only in the nation’s largest call centers, but costs have become more reasonable in recent years. 

2. Get What You Need the First Time
Technology upgrades are beneficial. Repeatedly upgrading the same technology to keep up with your call center’s needs is not. Call recording software should have the flexibility to grow with your business. Review all features listings and compare them with the features most important to your call center. 

3. Ease Transition Issues
The sooner a call center begins to benefit from call recording software, the sooner it will justify the technology investment. Choose a call center recording system that eases the transition from any previous technology, allows for easy customization as needed, and generates reports that provide the necessary data in a clear and concise manner. There will also be a transition effort involving call center staff. Make them a part of the process beyond the initial briefing and training stage, and help them to realize that the goal is not to look over their shoulder, but to improve everyone’s performance and protect the call center from liability. 

4. Resolve Legal Issues
First, make sure all callers understand that their call may be recorded. And choose call recording software that complies with PCI regulations and other industry-specific laws that govern telephone communication. 

5. Find What You Need Quickly
The data stored on call monitoring software won’t be as useful if it takes forever to find it. Effective call recording also means effective call retrieval from the server to the system, from any location. Deleting calls and adding comments to records should also be an efficient process. 

6. Security is Not An Option
Call monitoring introduces a number of internal and external security issues. Effective call recording should always be safe, and implemented with the proper restrictions regarding employee access. Make sure data collected is secure, encrypted if necessary and protected from hackers and other threats. 

7. Take Action
Call recording software will provide an abundance of data on the day-to-day operations of a call center. But while this data can illuminate areas of concern, it cannot correct them. If an issue is discovered, don’t let it persist for weeks or even days – take whatever action is necessary, whether that’s speaking to agents or initiating a change in corporate procedure.

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