Selecting the Right Call Recording Software

Call recording software provides a means for call centers to increase productivity through improved call handing and quality, to boost customer service and satisfaction, and to reduce risk of litigation from a customer dispute.

While any call recording solution will provide that basic function – recording and saving calls for security and training purposes – there are significant differences between products that should be considered before making an investment.

Ease of Use – Flexibility and scalability are both important considerations. How long will it take the staff and management to become acclimated to the system? How long will it take to set up? Can it be used across multiple sites and home agents? Look for a system with an open standards-based recording platform that can be more easily reconfigured due to changes in technology, regulation or business needs.

Cost – Budget is always an issue at any call center. Cloud-based systems should be considered for their lower monthly fee and minimal capital investment. When adding up all of the total costs be sure to consider not just upfront charges but those related to installation, training, maintenance and upgrades.

Speed –How quickly can specific calls be retrieved based on different criteria? The system should carry out the call retrieval function based on the phone number, the agent who took the call, the date, the time or any number of other parameters.

Security and Compliance – How are calls stored? Can the data be encrypted? How are accessibility restrictions set, and how secure is this data from a data breach, whether it comes from inside or outside the call center?

Integrated call scoring – Is it possible to score recorded calls? Only then, you can get the fully potential of call recording because you can score and rate calls for training, coaching and performance reviews. For more information, please read our call recording essentials whitepaper.