Screen Recording for Better Customer Service

Screen Recording Video…Listening to recorded calls can boost the efficiency of your customer service and contact center. Listening to while watching how agents relate to customers offers even more insight into employee performance, customer service and how technology is being leveraged for maximum benefit. With Monet Screen Capture, it is possible to review synchronized voice and video of your agents’ interactions. We’ve created a video demo that takes you through the process, from capturing customer interactions to the platform’s archiving and reporting capabilities. Watching your agents in action is just one benefit of Monet Screen Capture. As you review the audio/video files for places where systems can be improved, you will be able to reduce call handling times, increase First Call Resolution, and boost customer satisfaction. Secure and simple to use, Monet Screen Capture is another powerful tool in the assembly of a better contact center. Please take a moment to watch this Screen Capture demo video and learn more about how it would benefit your contact center.