Return of Investment (ROI) on Call Recording Software

Call centers may be contact centers now, but according to a Gartner survey 68% of customer first-contacts with any company are still via telephone. How those calls are handled is critical to a company’s success. 

Call recording enables a contact center to gather, save and review customer call data, which can improve customer service, agent performance and business efficiency. 

There are a number of ways to measure ROI on call recording software. Here are some of the most prominent:

Agent Training
Call recordings are the best way for agents to learn from past performance. Over time they will be able to use these recordings for self-evaluation as well. Great calls and terrible calls can be archived and used to train new agents in how to handle an array of specific challenges. Taken together, these benefits bolster customer service while reducing both agent costs and agent turnover. 

Conflict Resolution
Customer complaints can escalate into costly legal action if they are not definitively addressed. Having an audio record of each conversation saves time, clarifies uncertainties, and could eliminate court costs. 

More Efficient Call Handling
Reviewing past calls will inevitably generate ideas for how to lower average handle time, improve call resolution, and better address customer needs. That can boost sales, aid in customer retention, and benefit the company’s bottom line.

To learn more, please watch the following videos about call recording and screen recording for contact centers.