Retrieval and Playback of Call Center Recordings

Fast and easy retrieval of call recordings is essential if call recording software is to improve quality and performance at a call center. If a manager needs to locate a specific call or series of calls, and the effort proves frustrating and time-consuming, the system is useless. 

Look for call recording systems that automatically stores call and user information (such as caller ID, customer reference numbers or case numbers) with the recording so that call retrieval is as simple as possible. 

The system should carry out this function based on any number of “tags” that can be affixed to a specific call. These tags are then used to locate calls for playback. 

Typical tags include:

•    Agent ID
•    Date
•    Time
•    Phone number

It should also be possible to combine these categories to return more specific results. If a manager wants to access all calls handled by Agent Smith on June 1, or all calls received from a specific phone number, the system should process these requests quickly and locate the requested subset of calls. 

Other search criteria are also possible. Perhaps a manager may want to search for all calls that lasted five minutes or more, to discover why some customer engagements cannot be resolved in less time, or collect all of the calls that reference a specific product (perhaps to gauge complaints) – these types of searches should also be not only possible, but return results just as swiftly. However, doing so may require more specific tagging by the call center beyond the standard date-time-agent information. 

By tagging subject matter – “Sale,” “Complaint,” “Question,” etc. the call recording software can store calls in categories as well, and retrieve them accordingly when required. 

With the right call recording software, retrieval and playback should be carried out with a few clicks of the mouse, and without lengthy delays.