Workforce Management for Salesforce

Monet WFM for Salesforce Demo

This demo will show you how Monet Salesforce workforce management integration can help you streamline your multi-channel contact center and help desk. If you’re struggling to provide workforce management for your agents working in a Salesforce environment stay tuned, we’ll show you how Monet can enable you to drive the efficiencies, provide insight and improve your customer experience across all your service channels.



WFM for Salesforce Demo Script

Monet Presence sits within your Salesforce service and sales console environment and tracks all the data relevant to your WFM needs such as case, email and chat volume, actual handle times, speed of answer and real-time agent statuses. This allows Monet to forecast and schedule for immediate and deferred interactions, long-range service goals, blended and blocked scheduling environments as well as intraday management, and real-time adherence.


If you have been tasked with staffing your center, you’re probably struggling with calculating average handle time on your cases and chats, tracking agent adherence, forecasting for your digital channels and staffing appropriately. Using spreadsheets or a WFM system which is only integrated to your phone system will be both inefficient and time consuming and does not provide you with the tools you need to perform your duties.


Using Monet Presence allows you to generate optimized omnichannel forecasts for immediate and deferred workload using our multi-skill, multi-team, multi time zone forecast simulation engine and provides you with a single forecast which includes all your inbound workload from multiple systems. This forecast is then used to generate optimized schedules in a blended or blocked environment to efficiently meet your needs with the resources you have available. Real time adherence tracking provides you with a view into all your agents activities whether they are purely in Salesforce, purely on phones or combined. This gives you a truly accurate look into your agent’s utilization and a more detailed description of their day to day statuses.


With Monet Presence, we improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your WFM team. With Monet Agent, the efficiency and effectiveness of your agents can be improved by reducing the number of systems they use by providing their schedule information and alerting directly within Salesforce.


Monet Agent is our full featured WFM agent portal which provides employees direct access to WFM related information all from within Salesforce. This increases your employee’s effectiveness by unifying their work environment and it increases efficiency by allowing your agents to remain on-task and self-manage.


Monet Agent will allow your agents to receive alerts, check their schedules and adherence from any screen in the console. The Monet Homepage provides them with all the information and functionality you’ve come to expect from Monet. Here your agents can check their daily schedules, their adherence and daily KPIs, locate days that are available to request off for vacation or holiday and send their request for approval. All alerts they have received can also be viewed from the screen. Shift swapping as well as a full list of their alerts and exception requests are available. And the my schedule screen gives your agents a weekly or monthly view into all published schedules. All this can be done directly in a Salesforce console, allowing your agents to return to their duties quickly and easily.


A unified Workforce Management platform is essential for effective management and administration of your contact center or helpdesk, management and optimization of your team and streamlined workflows for your agents. Monet will fit seamlessly into your Salesforce environment whether you’re using Sales or Service Cloud consoles, or using Classic or Lightning. Feel free to contact us, should you want to schedule a personalized demo with your team.

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